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The Italian shoe brand Philippe Model is known all over the world for its original sneakers, which are distinguished by combinations of bright colors, textures and materials. Philip Modell founded his own brand in 1980, when he was only 22 years old. Despite the designer’s youth, by that time he had already managed to work at Gaultier and Mugler. Experience, determination and love for the world of fashion helped the designer to occupy his niche, so the Philippe Model brand became successful and in demand.

The designer and founder of the brand is French, so he was inspired by the streets of Paris, their hectic life and playful mood. The famous Elastique model, which immediately became successful, ignited the interest of the fashionable public in the brand.

What is special about Philippe Model shoes

Practicality is the main necessary feature when talking about sneakers. Philippe Model shoes made of high-quality materials, this makes it resistant to the influence of time and many external factors. It is designed for an active rhythm of life, but at the same time, it has an elegant look.

Each pair of Philippe Model sneakers is unique because it is created using manual operations. Not every brand can boast of handwork, especially when it comes to sneakers. Therefore, the designer definitely did not lose by betting on this.

Interesting fact: Philip was very interested in interior design at one time and even published two books in which he explores the history of wallpaper and connects it with philosophical reflections on the theme of color harmony. This aspect is reflected in the design of the sneakers, in the mix of colors and prints. The complete catalog of the brand can be viewed here on the website of the online store

The brand’s sneakers are made in a sport-chic style – this makes them versatile and allows you to combine them with clothes in different styles.

The designer conducts active marketing and social activities, makes many collaborations with other brands, thanks to which his brand is always on the news. His works are exhibited in major European museums, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art even organized an exhibition of the brand in Paris. Agree, you don’t often hear that about sneakers.

Why you should buy Philippe Model sneakers

Philippe Model shoes are suitable for those who value true Italian quality, comfort and original design. The brand completely destroys stereotypes that sneakers are purely sports shoes and elevates them to the level of a universal, basic wardrobe item. If you also can’t see your everyday looks without a pair of cool sneakers – you should definitely be among the brand’s fans.

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