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German defense chief says US will reduce involvement in Europe as it focuses more on the Pacific

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Pistorius: Stop relying on the US, the EU needs to increase its own defense production Boris Pistorius (Photo: EPA/CLEMENS BILAN)

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius says European countries need to rely less on the US and instead increase their own weapons production. He expressed this opinion in an interview World on Sunday.

According to him, firstly, Europe is aware of the risks of stopping the supply of military assistance to Ukraine from the United States.

“We understand that sooner or later we will probably have to compensate for one or two things that may no longer come from Washington. In theory, there may be areas that we cannot compensate immediately,” Pistorius said.

Secondly, the head of the German Ministry of Defense added, the decrease in US involvement in Europe will decrease regardless of who wins the elections in 2024. The main reason for this will be the greater involvement of American allies in the Pacific region.

“This means that we Europeans must strengthen our commitment to ensure security on our continent. For example, the defense industry needs time to build up its capabilities. We now have about five to eight years to catch up – just like the armed forces , and in industry and society,” he said.

Pistorius recalled that Russia is “significantly increasing its defense production,” and the Russian dictator’s threats Vladimir Putin addressed to the Baltic countries, Georgia and Moldova should be taken very seriously.

  • According to Politico, the US Senate will continue negotiations on the administration’s request next week. Biden for funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Commenting on the situation with Western military assistance to Ukraine, Putin said that Ukrainians “are being given everything for free,” but “the freebie is running out.” The State Department responded by saying that Congress should offset this bet by the head of the Kremlin.

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