Україні потрібна більша кількість сучасної зброї. Влада сподівається на активну участь у цьому питанні канцлера Німеччини Олафа Шольца.

Podolyak called on Germany to increase the supply of weapons

Ukraine needs more modern weapons. The authorities hope for the active participation of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in this matter.

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the OP, said this in an interview with the newspaper daily mirror.

«Germany must now take a different path, understand what Russia is really like. It is a fact that we need more weapons“, he emphasized.

Germany provides Ukraine with weapons that the Bundeswehr does not even have yet – ScholzScholz stated that Germany has not cut military support to Ukraine and supplies the latest systems, some of which are not even in service with the German army.
August 2, 2022, 08:55

According to Podolyak, Ukraine needs the supply of long-range artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems, which will allow to effectively eliminate the logistics and material-technical warehouses of the Russians, and the increase in the number of drones is also important for the Armed Forces.

«Anti-aircraft systems, such as IRIS-T, which Germany has announced are ready to supply, to better protect our cities from air attack. We need more of them to protect at least Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Mykolaiv and Odesa“, said Podolyak.

He also noted that Ukraine needs to increase the number of armored vehicles in order to advance deep into the territories controlled by the occupiers after the retreat of Russia.

“The more and faster we get heavy weapons, the faster we can stop this war”– emphasized the adviser to the head of the VP.

Earlier, Danilov spoke about the weapons supplied to Ukraine.

We will also remind you that on August 1, MARS II anti-aircraft missiles arrived in Ukraine from Germany.


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