Podolyak: Ukraine is a death sentence for Putin

Podolyak: Ukraine is a death sentence for Putin

Putin hopes to “press” and win this war.

Podolyak said that Ukraine is a death sentence for Putin / UNIAN photo Podolyak said that Ukraine is a death sentence for Putin / UNIAN photo

Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is in his own illusory world and does not understand the situation caused by the war he started in Ukraine. Putin hopes to “press on” and win this war, but Ukraine is a death sentence for him.

As Podolyak noted on the air of the TV channel FREEDOM, Russian society and the military live in the same illusory world. But they also understand that “everything is not going according to plan.”

“If they lived in our world with you, then, of course, they would not produce such excesses, such tragedies, the mass that they, unfortunately, arrange in Ukraine. They understand that everything is not going according to plan. That’s for sure. And the military, first of all, understand that in fact their country has been robbed. They understand that the second army of the world and the Military Industry, which everyone should be afraid of, does not exist. They understand that there was absolutely no need to attack Ukraine, because it is a country , which will absolutely bring this war to an end, and that will be something they will absolutely not like. They understand that historically they look worthless, yes, they somehow subconsciously understand that, because, well, it can’t be that you called the scumbags who came to a foreign land and slaughtered the civilian population as heroes,” explained the adviser to the head of the OP.

According to him, Russians understand this at the subconscious level. However, there are things that the population of the Russian Federation does not understand at all.

“They do not understand that the inevitability of punishment is a key element of the existence of civilization as such. And they naturally now group around the offense that they are not allowed to kill and destroy another country, why they resist and do not kneel,” he noted he.

The adviser to the head of the President’s Office noted that the Russians only pretended to be the most educated, the most well-read, when they turned out to be a primitive nation. At the same time, he added that Putin thinks differently.

“But Putin is a different nature of thinking. He is a man – as cynical as possible, who understands absolutely exactly what he is doing. He understands absolutely exactly that he is a regime, he is a coward, like any cowardly complex person. He very clearly understands, when he harms someone, because this is the essence of his thinking – to harm someone. In this case, there is no more fierce object of hatred for him than Ukraine. This is a very important parameter,” continued Podolyak.

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According to Podoliak, Putin hopes to win the war with Ukraine at the expense of mobilized forces, by circumventing the sanctions introduced against the Russian Federation and thanks to the lobby that has been formed over many years.

“Putin believes that he will push. I, to his great regret, want to say that the word Ukraine is a death sentence for him,” he summarized.

The war in Ukraine: Putin’s statements

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the aggressor state does not refuse negotiations. The Russian Federation is allegedly ready to discuss “acceptable solutions” to the war in Ukraine.

In addition, he named a new goal of the war against Ukraine. The head of the Kremlin said that he is trying to “unite the Russian people.” According to him, the war in Ukraine is based on the alleged policy of Russia’s geopolitical opponents, which is allegedly aimed at “stretching historical Russia.”

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