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As of today, a new service has been launched for Ukrainians.

From now on, in Diya, you can find the nearest Point of Invincibility, see the work schedule and amenities, and plan a route, reports press office State Emergency Service in Kharkiv region.

This will enable people to access light, heat, water or the Internet when needed.

The map is interactive. You can find out the address, working hours and conditions of each Unbreakable Point.

And also filter according to specific needs β€” whether there is Internet, heating, a generator or mobile communication.

Importantly, the map can be downloaded and will be available even offline in case of power and communication failure. It is only necessary to pre-download the map of the selected region in Diya, when the Internet is available.

Later, the functionality of the service will be expanded.

You will be able to see photos of Points of Invincibility, give a rating, leave a review.

The service has started working for all oblasts, except Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk for security reasons.

If this section did not appear in the Diya application, you need to update the application.

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