Points of inviolability - the addresses of open points are available in the network - UNIAN

Points of inviolability – the addresses of open points are available in the network – UNIAN

As of this morning, 3,720 “points of invincibility” have already been opened in our country.

Photo t.me/VA_Kyiv Photo t.me/VA_Kyiv

More than 3,700 “points of invincibility” were opened in Ukraine today for the stay of people during a long-term blackout of electricity or heat.

As of 09:00 a.m., 3,720 “points of invincibility” have been opened, the Office of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi reported on the Telegram channel.

The OP reminded that the nearest point can be found on the map by going to link.

A new massive missile attack on Ukraine – what you need to know about the consequences

As UNIAN reported, on November 23, Russia carried out another mass attack on Ukraine. Missiles hit critical infrastructure facilities in several areas. In total, about 70 cruise missiles were fired, 51 of them were destroyed. Emergency power outages occurred in many regions. Power outages were also reported in neighboring Moldova.

At the Rivne, Yuzhno-Ukrainian and Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plants, emergency protection was activated due to shelling, due to which all power units of these nuclear power plants were disconnected.

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko said that yesterday there was a blackout in the energy system of Ukraine as a result of a missile attack by the Russian Federation.

On November 22, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, called on businesses to join the initiative to create “points of invincibility”. According to him, more than four thousand such points have already been prepared, and it is planned to increase their number.

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