Poland announced its readiness to “completely cut off” Belarus from Europe


Ukrainian Pravda

Poland, together with the Baltic states, is ready to take concrete steps in case of serious incidents on its borders. In case of provocations from Minsk, the country will close all border crossing points between Belarus and Europe.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland, Mariusz Kaminski, told the newspaper about this Directly.

“We gave a very clear signal to Minsk. Any provocation on the Polish, Latvian or Lithuanian border with Belarus will have far-reaching consequences for the regime. The signal was hard, unequivocal”Kaminsky emphasized.

The head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs also recalled the decision made at a joint meeting of the heads of the foreign policy departments of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia regarding the complete closure of the border with Belarus in the event of a “critical incident”.

“If there is a provocation, if there is a critical incident, all border crossing points between Belarus and Europe and the EU will be closed immediately. Those that are still functioning: automobile, railway, passenger, cargo. All. We will completely cut off Belarus from Europe”– noted the Polish minister.

We will remind that Lithuania intends to close two more checkpoints on the border with Belarus. Earlier, two checkpoints were already closed.

In addition, on Tuesday, August 15, the State Border Service of Latvia announced the introduction of the mobilization of its employees in order to strengthen control at the border with Belarus.

Poland, on the other hand, decided to strengthen the protection of the Suval corridor and increase the number of troops near the border with Belarus.

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Source: Poland announced its readiness to “completely cut off” Belarus from Europe


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