Poland is ready to accept more Ukrainians if necessary

Poland is ready to accept more Ukrainians if necessary

About this in interview Marshal of the Polish Sejm Elzbieta Vitek informed Ukrinform.

“Poland sees this challenge and, as at the beginning of the war, is able to help all those who need help. We do not hide that this is a big burden on our budget, which is suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic. However, in a situation where the lives and health of innocent people are at risk, we cannot respond in any other way than solidarity and support. Therefore, we will continue to help Ukraine and its citizens with all available means,” Vitek said.

She emphasized that “Russia’s attacks on the civilian population” is a factor that can increase the wave of migration, but in Poland they take it into account in the conditions of the approach of winter and energy blackmail of the Kremlin.

  • On October 19, Poland received 147 million euros from the EU to help Ukrainian refugees. According to the data of the Polish border service, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, more than 7.11 million Ukrainians have entered Poland, and 5.32 million have returned. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, 1.3-1.5 million Ukrainian refugees are currently in the country.

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