Poland offered its Western partners to buy howitzers for the Armed Forces

Poland offered its Western partners to buy howitzers for the Armed Forces

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Poland offered Western allies to buy Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery installations for the Armed Forces.

This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Poland, Marwis Blaszczak, at a meeting at the Ramstein military base. transmits WNP.pl.

Poland is ready to increase the volumes of the defense industry. In particular, we are talking about Krab howitzers, the manufacturer of which is the enterprise Huta Stalowa Wola.

«For my part, I presented the proposal of the Polish arms industry, especially regarding the Krab howitzers. This is an offer addressed to countries, especially Western Europe, who, ordering Krab for Ukraine, can invest their money wellBlaschak noted.

It should be noted that the 155 mm Krab self-propelled gun weighs about 48 tons and can hit targets at a distance of 40 kilometers, firing up to 6 missiles per minute. The tracked chassis is manufactured under a Korean license, and the gun is a modification of British weapons.

As a reminder, the Norwegian authorities will hand over 160 Hellfire anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, as well as launchers and guidance units for them. In addition, night vision devices will be handed over to the country.

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