Politico: Ukrainian pilots will begin F-16 training in the US next week | News of Ukraine


Ukrainian pilots will begin training on F-16 fighters in Arizona next week. About it reported Politico, citing four unnamed US officials.

Air Force pilots are expected to begin training to fly the F-16 at an Air National Guard base in Tuscon, Arizona, next week, the people said.

It is noted that a small group of pilots arrived in the United States in September to take English language courses at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, passed their first English proficiency test and are heading to Morris Air National Guard Base in Arizona.

The Ukrainian military will first learn the basics of flying the F-16 in a classroom simulator and then move on to fly real aircraft, which is typical of any pilot training program.

One of the officials said the process could be accelerated due to the urgent need to return them to the battlefield.

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