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Ukraine is famous for its talented and charismatic performers. Our singers win the hearts of listeners with their music and impressive vocal abilities. Talent, deep lyrics and driving performances make them recognized musical figures both in Ukraine and abroad. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous and influential female voices of the Ukrainian music scene, who have been delighting us with their performances for many years.

Zlata Ognevich

Zlata Ognevich is a well-known Ukrainian singer who has gained wide recognition thanks to her talent and charisma. She represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2013, where she took third place with the song “Gravity”. Zlata is also known for her musical achievements, she is the winner of numerous awards and prizes both nationally and internationally. Has a state award – the Order of Princess Olga III degree, is a soloist of the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Her impressive vocal talent and powerful voice make her one of the most recognizable singers in Ukraine.

The artist was born on January 12, 1986, and her real name is Inna Leonidivna Bordyug. In addition to her musical career, Zlata Ognievich is also actively involved in charitable activities, in particular, she helps children with cancer. She takes an active part in various charity projects, concerts and meetings.

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Nadia Dorofeeva

Nadia Dorofeeva is a Ukrainian singer, blogger, songwriter and actress. She was born on April 21, 1990 in Simferopol. She became known as a member of the group “Time and Glass”, which became famous for its hits and energetic performances, but in 2020, the artist started a solo career under the pseudonym DOROFEEVA. Nadiya is a laureate of a number of music awards, in particular, YUNA, M1 Music Awards and others.

In addition to her musical career, she is actively involved in social networks, blogs, publishes her own works and shares her life. Nadia has 5.3 million followers on Instagram. Dorofeeva is not only a talented singer, but also a public figure who actively supports cultural and musical initiatives in Ukraine, often performs at charity concerts.

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Olya Polyakova

Olya Polyakova is a famous Ukrainian singer, actress, TV presenter and public figure. She gained popularity due to her strong vocals, creative image and energetic performances.

The artist was born on January 17, 1979 in Vinnytsia. She has a diploma as an opera singer and has a voice range of three octaves. Polyakova released numerous hits, including “Queen of the Night”, “Lyuli”, “Number One” and many others, which gained popularity among fans of her work. He has a number of music awards, including the M1 Music Awards, the Music Platform and the Viva! Most Beautiful 2018 award.

In addition to music, Olya Polyakova is known for her television projects – the winner of “Narodna Zirka”, the coach of “Laughter League”, performances as a presenter and actress. She also actively interacts with the audience through social networks, where she shares life events and details of cultural and musical projects.

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Tina Karol

Tina Karol is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter and TV presenter who gained popularity as a solo artist. She was born on January 25, 1985, her real name is Tetyana Hryhorivna Lieberman.

Tina Karol became widely known for her powerful vocals, charisma and talent. She released many hits, including “Pupsik”, “Don’t lose your childhood”, “Wait” and many others, which won the hearts of music fans.

Tina Karol is a soloist of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, laureate of the youth song contest “New Wave 2005”. She won over the audience with the emotional composition “Show Me Your Love” during her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, where she took an honorable seventh place, representing Ukraine.

In addition to creative activities, Tina actively participates in various television projects as a host and guest. She is also known for her active social position, supporting various charitable projects and foundations.

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Nastya Kamenskyi

Nastya Kamenskykh is a Ukrainian singer, dancer, TV presenter and blogger. 5.3 million users follow her on Instagram.

She began her career in 2004 as a participant in the Black Sea Games music festival. Since 2006, she became a member of the duet “Potap and Nastya”, which quickly became famous thanks to the fiery songs and charisma of the performers. However, in 2017, Anastasia started a solo career under the pseudonym NK.

She released many successful solo tracks, became the winner of a number of awards: M1 Music Award, M1 Music Awards, Top Hit Music Awards, MEDIA SIESTA, YUNA and others. NK is known for her colorful performances and active presence on social networks.

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Yulia Sanina

Yuliya Sanina is a Ukrainian musician, presenter and vocalist of the band “The Hardkiss”. She is a co-founder of the band and one of the main creative personalities. The group gained great popularity thanks to an interesting musical style, an art concept of performances and a bright image of the performers.

She was born on October 11, 1990 in the city of Kyiv. Julia participated in various TV shows: she acted as a jury member and mentor in the talent shows “X-Factor” and “Voice of the Country” and other TV shows. In addition, she was a member of the jury of the National Selection at Eurovision 2023, in the same year she was the presenter of Eurovision.

Sanina is not only the main vocalist, but also the author of many of the band’s song texts. Her charismatic personality and powerful vocals became prominent features of the team. Thanks to their creative potential and musical skill, the group received numerous musical awards, and Yulia Sanina was recognized as one of the most influential women of the Ukrainian music scene in 2020 and 2021, according to Focus magazine.

Band "The Hardkiss"

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Natalia Mogilevska

Nataliya Mogilevska is a famous Ukrainian singer, TV presenter, actress and producer, who has the title of “People’s Artist of Ukraine”, “Honored Artist of Ukraine” and has the “Order of Princess Olga III degree”.

Nataliya Oleksiivna was born on August 2, 1975. She started her solo career in 1995 with the help of Yuriy Rybchinsky. She has gained wide recognition for her talent and performances in the music industry. Her creativity is not limited to the release of popular hits and participation in musical events. Natalia is famous for her active public position, supporting various charitable initiatives and foundations. She is deservedly considered one of the most outstanding and influential artists of the Ukrainian music industry.

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On stage, Tetyana Mykhailivna Reshetnyak, known under the pseudonym Tayanna, is popular in Ukraine and abroad thanks to her unique vocals and strong emotional performance of songs. The singer was born on September 29, 1984 in Chernivtsi.

Tayanna began her musical career at the Black Sea Games festival in Skadovsk, where she impressed with her talent and took third place. Subsequently, Tetiana was part of the band “Hot Chocolate”, collaborating with producer Dmytro Klimashenko. However, the real popularity of the artist came after participating in the show “Voice of the Country”. Her music impresses with frankness, emotionality and drive, and the performance of songs always impresses listeners with its strength and power. Tayanna has a number of awards and prizes. The most popular songs are “Shkoda”, “Euphoria”, “How she cried” and others. Tayanna continues to delight fans with her new releases and creative achievements.

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