Postponement from mobilization. New law will abolish loophole for students over 30 – minister – Ukrainian news, Politics


Minister of education Oksen Lisova supported bill, which will cancel the deferment from mobilization for male students over the age of 30 who are receiving non-sequential higher education. According to the official, such fictitious education negatively affects the quality of education.

β€œMy position is simple: education should in no case be about imitation and loopholes. But education, and especially higher education, should be about conscious choice and the process of obtaining. It’s never too late to study, however, entering a university should not become a formality only to receive any benefits and bonuses,” he wrote.

According to Lisovoy, there is now a tendency for people to use admission to universities as a legal, but β€œstill dishonest” method of avoiding mobilization.

In 2022, the number of male students over 25 years of age increased by 55,000 compared to the previous year, 33,000 of them at the master’s level, the minister writes.

β€œIn turn, such loopholes give rise to the phenomenon of fictitious learning, which generally negatively affects the quality of education,” he noted.

The bill registered in the Verkhovna Rada should resolve this issue; in particular, the deferment will not apply to men over 30 years of age who enter an educational institution and receive an inconsistent higher education, Lisovoy noted.

The deferment will be maintained for male students under 30 years of age who are receiving progressive educationas well as for teaching staff working in educational institutions at their main place of work for at least 0.75 wages, the official said.

β€œThe right to education is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. And everyone who wishes will continue to be able to realize it. At the same time, the Constitution states that the protection of Ukraine, its independence and territorial integrity is the responsibility of citizens. Looking for loopholes for the supposed implementation of one right and avoidance of responsibility is not about honesty and not about dignity,” he concluded.

  • August 23rd President Vladimir Zelensky stated that the military approached him to β€œgive the opportunity to mobilize more.”
  • On August 28, the then-current Minister of Defense Reznikov stated that the mobilization plan has not yet been completed; today there is no need to announce a new mobilization to increase numbers.
  • On September 2, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council announced that the Ministry of Education and Science will decide whether it is appropriate for men of military age to receive a second higher education during martial law.

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