“Preparing news.” Zelensky announced a new Western weapon for the Armed Forces of Ukraine – news from Ukraine, Politics


President Vladimir Zelensky announced agreements earlier this month on new Western weapons for Ukrainian forces. He said this in an evening video message.

He did not specify what weapons Ukraine could receive from which country.

“This September, we should achieve several very concrete results in working with partners. This also applies to new weapons for Ukraine. We are preparing news,” Zelensky said.

  • Yesterday, Foreign Minister Kuleba said that he and Blinken “did a separate discussion” on the issue of providing Ukraine with ATACMS long-range missiles. Kuleba noted that β€œthis option remains open.”
  • Also, Ukraine still hopes that Germany will decide to provide Kyiv with long-range Taurus missiles. Regarding these weapons, Kuleba also said that the issue “is not closed at all.”

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