Не допустити епідемії вуличної наркоманії. У Харкові вразливим категоріям надають допомогу під обстрілами 7

Prevent an epidemic of street addiction. In Kharkiv, vulnerable groups are being assisted by shelling News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Before the war, there were about 15,000 drug addicts in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, according to official figures. According to social workers, the number of addicts is ten times higher. In the region, in accordance with European and international practices, public and private drug treatment centers provided substitution-maintenance therapy, which allowed drug addicts to give up street drugs. This leads to a decrease in crime in society, the incidence of AIDS, hepatitis.

The problem is that SMT drug addicts are forced to receive under the supervision of doctors for a long time, sometimes a lifetime. Abrupt cessation of therapy threatens drug addiction, which is dangerous to life, health and others – to find painkillers and drugs, vulnerable groups are sometimes even ready for crime and looting. Resuming the SMT program for patients of different centers was a social task, which was undertaken by the medical center “Alternative”.

The first branch of the Alternative MC resumed operations in the first week of the war, then another opened. Narcologists provide assistance not only to their patients, but also to patients of the state program, as well as counseling patients who found themselves in Kharkiv because of the war and seek medical attention for the first time, says Denis Klimenko, director of Alternative Medical Center:

Alternative Medical Center also provides free consultations to narcologists and social workers, testing for socially dangerous diseases such as HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis, and provides assistance in the form of substitution therapy (SMT) with the provision of socio-psychological. services for people with addiction.

Employees of the Alternative Medical Center, in parallel with the provision of medical services, provide humanitarian and volunteer assistance to the population and those in need of support. You can apply for it through social networks medical center.

Fuente: atn.ua

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