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According to preliminary information, on the morning of September 8, Russia launched a missile from the Iskander-K ballistic system at Krivoy Rog. Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuri Ignat spoke about this during the telethon.

He emphasized that the enemy usually attacks front-line territories, which include Krivoy Rog, from short distances, which is why they do not always have time to announce an air alert in advance.

β€œPreliminary results indicate that it could be the Iskander-K in Krivoy Rog,” Ignat said.

As for today’s shelling of the north and east, according to Ignat, the Russians could have used rocket artillery. However, he urged to wait for final data.

REFERENCE. Iskander-K is a variant of the Russian ballistic operational-tactical missile system using R-500 cruise missiles. Firing range – 500 km, warhead weight – 480 kg. The missile’s flight altitude is about seven meters when reaching the target and no higher than six kilometers. The missile is automatically adjusted throughout the flight and automatically follows the terrain.

Po data National police as of 15:24, as a result of the attack on Krivoy Rog, one person died, and the number of victims increased to 60.

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