Prigozhin uses Soledar for PR and "denigrates" the Russian army, - ISW |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Prigozhin uses Soledar for PR and “denigrates” the Russian army, – ISW |

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the “Wagner” PMC, by showing the actions of the mercenaries in Soledar, is probably promoting his formation and trying to “slander the Russian troops.”

Experts of the Institute for the Study of War believe so, reports “DS” with reference to ISW report.

Analysts point out that the financier of the “Wagner” group Yevgeny Prigozhin continued to use the role of his PMC in the capture of Soledar to increase his political status and indirect criticism of the Russian armed forces.

ISW notes that Prigozhin published On January 14, footage he claimed was filmed in Soledar to promote the role of “Wagner” in the capture of the city.

In the report they write: “Prygozhin showed the commander of the group “Wagner”, who led the capture of the settlement, and praised the capabilities of “Wagner” in comparison with ordinary Russian military.”

Prigozhin stated that PMV “Wagner” achieved success due to its rich experience, independence, effective military equipment and excellent management system.

He claimed that the “Wagner Group” management system encourages commanders and subordinates to cooperate closely on the ground and allows the complaints of ordinary soldiers to be heard.

Experts assume that with this Prigozhin is trying to advertise further recruitment (in PMK – ed.) and denigrate the Russian troops, lobbying for an increase in the role of the “Wagner Group” – and him personally – in the war in Ukraine.


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