PrivatBank temporarily stopped accepting large bills in its terminals

PrivatBank temporarily stopped accepting large bills in its terminals


State PrivatBank temporarily stopped accepting large denomination banknotes in its terminals and ATMs due to technical works.

About this reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance with reference to the complaint of one of the bank’s clients.

“On August 18, I was surprised to learn that all self-service terminals stopped accepting bills with a denomination of more than UAH 200!!! I am preparing a complaint to the NBU, let them check your license conditions, since you yourself decided that bills over UAH 200 are no longer relevant!!!”– wrote the user.

PrivatBank canceled credit holidaysCredit holidays at Privatbank. From June 1, lending by credit cards will resume.
June 1, 2022, 12:41 p.m

In response to the appeal, the bank stated that a set of technical works is being carried out so that ATMs and terminals can continue to accept 500 and 1000 hryvnia bills. During the works, bills up to and including UAH 200 will be accepted.

“Banknotes in denominations of 500 and 1000 can be used for transactions at our bank’s cash desks” – added to the bank.

However, in the comments, users suggest that it is not a matter of technical work at all. The problems may be related to the fact that 500 hryvnia banknotes were discovered in Ukraine, which had already been taken out of circulation and were stored in Kherson, which is currently occupied by the Russians. These bills have already been discovered in the center and west of Ukraine.

We will remind you that as of January 1, 2022, national currency bills and coins were in circulation in Ukraine for a total amount of 627.6 billion UAH. In 2021, 500 and 200 hryvnia banknotes were most often counterfeited.

By the way, PrivatBank previously announced the need for clients to confirm their income in case there is a difference between the bank’s data on the client’s financial condition and the volume of card transactions. This also applies to cases where transactions exceed UAH 500,000 per month.


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