Problems with the supply of fuel began in Ukraine. The reason is known


About this reported Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Markiyan Dmytrasevich on the air of the telethon.

According to Dmytrasevich, the situation at the border is not critical for the export of grain, but at the same time there is a problem with the supply of fuel.

“The movement of our trucks is blocked due to the Ukrainian-Polish borders. And it is clear that this reduces the level of food exports… We manage to balance the situation… But we see problems with such important supplies as, for example, fuel for Ukraine. This must also be taken into account,” – said the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Ukraine currently has the opportunity to export food products by rail and through Black Sea and Danube ports.

Truck drivers stuck on the Polish border want to evacuate to Ukraine

About 20 truck drivers who were stuck in a queue on the Polish side of the border due to the protest of Polish carriers want to evacuate to Ukraine. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine Serhiy Derkach.

“Today there are about 20 drivers who have volunteered and written that they have a desire to go to Ukraine for a certain period of time,” said Derkach, writes Ukrinform.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the blockade of the border causes losses to Ukraine, Poland, and other EU countries. Our country receives 30% of everything needed for the country’s energy sector through the territory of Poland.

Strikes on the border between Poland and Ukraine: what is known

Earlier it was reported that Polish carriers will strike at the border. The reason is excessive competition after the liberalization of international transportation between Ukraine and EU countries. In this regard, the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine initiated a meeting with Poland and the European Commission.

The DPSU commented on the probable blocking of the border. In addition, Ukraine sent an official note to Poland due to the intentions of Polish carriers to start a strike on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

On November 6, Polish carriers started a strike on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The Ministry of Infrastructure stated that the Polish carriers did not submit any official demands to Kyiv.

As of the evening of November 7, Polish carriers completely blocked the passage of cargo vehicles at two checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. Later, it also became known that trucks wait up to 90 hours to enter Ukraine.

On November 9, a meeting of government officials and carriers blocking the border with Ukraine took place in Poland, but it ended in nothing. At the same time, queues for freight vehicles are getting longer and longer. Therefore, Ukraine offered the Polish authorities to open lanes for empty trucks and is waiting for their response.

On November 15, tripartite negotiations were held with Poland and the European Commission on unblocking the checkpoints, but they did not bring results. Instead, the European Commission may initiate criminal proceedings against Poland, if the authorities do not resolve the issue of blocking by carriers of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

On November 16, Slovak carriers conducted a warning campaign and blocked the border crossing for Ukrainian colleagues for an hour, joining a similar Polish blockade. The carriers said that they will wait for a response for seven days, and in the absence of it, they threaten to completely block the “Vyshne Nemetske – Uzhgorod” checkpoint.

Subsequently, Polish carriers promised to strengthen the blockade on the border with Ukraine. In addition, customs officers began to record an increase in truck queues on the Slovak route.

Ukraine and Poland are preparing lawsuits regarding compensation for damages caused by the blocking of border crossing points due to the rally of transporters. In addition, it became known that Polish carriers do not allow rubber assistance and dangerous goods.

According to Volodymyr Balin, vice-president of the Association of International Motor Carriers, Polish carriers are violating the terms of the strike, which can help to achieve its cancellation. At the same time, during this time, the Ukrainian economy suffered losses of more than €400 million.

Meanwhile, Polish farmers promise to continue blocking the “Medyka-Sheghini” checkpoint until January. Therefore, Ukraine initiates the creation of a monitoring group from the EU side at the border, and also plans to evacuate Ukrainian drivers.

Andrii Novak, head of Nova Kraina Bank, candidate of economic sciences, said that due to problems with the supply of fuel from Poland, which occupies a third of the Ukrainian market, the price of liquefied gas has increased by 30%.



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