Provided with sand, waiting for salt: Kharkiv road workers are preparing for winter


In the Kharkiv region, the preparation of roads for operation in the autumn-winter period is being completed. Enterprises engaged in maintenance and winter maintenance of roads are ready to work in emergency situations and, if necessary, will work in emergency response mode.

About this informs Infrastructure restoration and development service in the Kharkiv region.

Road workers are already 100% supplied with sand and are waiting for the delivery of a batch of salt to supply all contractors. Equipment that should work during snowfall is also 80% ready – combined road machines, graders and loaders will be able to go on the routes in case of the first need. During the summer, pothole repairs were completed and appropriate signs were installed in many areas that were damaged during hostilities or during the redeployment of heavy equipment.

On complex and logistically important routes, for example, state roads M 03 Kyiv – Kharkiv – Dovzhanskyi and M 20 Kharkiv – Shcherbakivka, if necessary, 24-hour rotation of special equipment will be provided, in order to avoid traffic stoppages and destruction of the supply chain for the military.

FYI: 2,331.7 kilometers of public roads of state importance and 243 bridges and overpasses are on the balance sheet of the Service for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure in the Kharkiv Region.

Provided with sand, waiting for salt: Kharkiv road workers are preparing for winter 7

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