Prytula explained why the Spartans ordered by the foundation are so expensive and asked critics to wait |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Prytula explained why the Spartans ordered by the foundation are so expensive and asked critics to wait | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Volunteer Serhiy Prytula asked critics who accused him of buying British armored vehicles at an inflated price to wait until the last Spartan arrives in Ukraine and the fund reports on every penny spent. It is reported Ukrainian Pravda.

The head of the charitable foundation explained in detail у Facebookwhy the choice fell on armored vehicles and what happens to the price in the arms market.

The shortage of armored vehicles in the Ukrainian army is catastrophic. The volunteers set themselves an ambitious goal of replenishing the arsenal of the Armed Forces with a significant batch of armored vehicles. The choice fell on the “Spartans” in view of the favorable reviews of armor, compactness, speed and the fact that it is a tracked vehicle, explains Prytula.

The fund entered the British market in search of a batch of 50 armored personnel carriers, at the same time, in a day and a half, the Ukrainians donated money for the purchase of 60 Spartan armored personnel carriers for the Armed Forces, but even this number is not final, Prytula notes.

At the same time, after the contracting by Ukraine, the British market revived and the price changed.

Direct speech: “How much is the life of a Ukrainian soldier worth? The answer is obvious – it is priceless! How much does it cost to protect a soldier’s life? It’s different here…

Did we know there was a £29,500 price tag floating around the net right now? Yes, of course. However, we are going to buy not 6, not 8, not 10 armored vehicles. And 50-60-80 or maybe 100.

And this is not the case where the more you take, the bigger the discount. This is not a competitive market. This is a weapons market where there are sellers who want to make money and buyers who live in a country that is already at war!

After the contracting of small batches of “Spartans” from Ukraine, there was a significant revival in the British market for this nomenclature. And the prices that were on the market a few months ago are not relevant now.

Large companies buy most of the Spartans available on the market from smaller sellers and command a fairly high price in the $100K range.

This upper purchase bar was set in the philosophy of the fundraising we conducted recently.

Were we going to buy all the Spartans at that price? Answer: no.

Because the same Ukrainian patriots who live in England and who already helped to buy and deliver “Spartans” from Britain to Ukraine, helped and are helping with the search for armored vehicles for our fund as well.

And there are different prices. And 38 thousand, and 65, and 100, and even more. Therefore, even the announced number of 60 “Spartans”, which we are going to buy, is not final! As most likely, this will not be the only nomenclature of armored vehicles that we will bring to Ukraine from Britain.

Therefore, I have one small request for everyone who said “whoop” before jumping! On the same day, when the last armored car, purchased from the estimate of 236,000,000 hryvnias, will arrive in Ukraine, our fund, in its own way, will provide comprehensive information on both the quantity and cost. There will be checks.”

What preceded: On November 2, the Serhiy Prytula Foundation announced a new fundraiser for the Armed Forces – they planned to raise 200 million hryvnias for the purchase of 50 Spartan armored personnel carriers.

236 million hryvnias were collected in a day and a half.

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