Psychosocial support classes for elderly resumed in Chernihiv for their participants


Psychosocial support activities for members of the Longevity Club have been resumed in Chernihiv.

“Volunteers of Chernihiv regional organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) will conduct weekly classes with elements of creativity and information sessions. There will also be regular meetings with a psychologist,” URCS reported on Facebook on Friday.

The participants of the information sessions will learn how to behave in the conditions of today’s uncertainty and constant stressful situations.

“Sometimes such events are an opportunity for people to just be heard and get attention, to spend time among those who have experienced similar life situations. This is an important support, as most of the participants are lonely and need communication. And this can be seen by the number of people willing to take action,” psychologist Yana Ivanova said about the events at the Longevity Club.

URCS recalled that volunteers had been conducting psychosocial support classes for several months, starting in December last year, and then there was a forced pause and repairs.

A lesson with creative elements has already been held in the renovated room, during which participants made decor for the New Year holidays.

Psychosocial support activities are carried out with the support of one of the partners in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Psychosocial support classes for elderly resumed in Chernihiv for their



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