Putin did not expect this - Austrian Foreign Minister assured of the unity of Europe against Russia's actions - news from Ukraine, World

Putin did not expect this – Austrian Foreign Minister assured of the unity of Europe against Russia’s actions – news from Ukraine, World

The Kremlin did not expect that Europe would be able to rally around the support of Ukraine, which is fighting against the occupying country of Russia, and this unity must be preserved at all costs. About it Wiener Zeitun said Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, calling, however, “not to go too far,” as “Russia remains a part of history and European culture.”

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“We have been incredibly united for half a year, reacting quickly and decisively, and surprising with this Vladimir Putin. He did not expect this and we must protect it at all costs,” he said.

Schallenberg also assured that Austria in particular and the EU as a whole “stand for the foundations of the UN Charter, and the law of the strongest, the law of the jungle, should not be applied.”

The head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry is sure that the sanctions will be next week extend and possibly expand. He stressed – “at such a turning point, it is extremely important to act together, even if it is difficult, and we will do it.” Schallenberg believes that the debate on sanctions is best conducted behind closed doors, “so as not to give the impression of a lack of unity.”

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At the same time, he believes, “a sense of proportion is important and one should not go too far” with pressing Russia with sanctions. The minister is against a complete visa ban on visiting the EU for all Russians.

The head of the country’s Foreign Ministry also believes that “Austria, with its history, should be able to distinguish between Putin and his henchmen – and Russia and Russians. Geography does not change, Russia remains part of history and European culture.”

To the question “Will the EU survive?” he answered in the affirmative: “There is no need to fall into doom and gloom. Europe is still the most livable and richest continent on the globe, and we will do it.”

Earlier, he stated that Vienna is against a visa ban for the Russian Federation, as he believes that the Russians allegedly do not know what their army is doing in Ukraine.

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