"Putin is a man of war."  Kosovo PM accuses Russia of fomenting tensions in the country - Ukrainian news, Politics

“Putin is a man of war.” Kosovo PM accuses Russia of fomenting tensions in the country – Ukrainian news, Politics

Kosovo is ready to resist a possible attack from Serbia, as the aggravation of the conflict with the Serbian minority could lead to a new armed conflict. Russia and the dictator Vladimir Putin play a role in fueling this conflict. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti in an interview Reuters.

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“We should not rule out that this aggressive policy of Belgrade could one way or another turn into an attack on Kosovo,” Kurti said. “We are vigilant, but we are not afraid.”

He clarified that he does not mean that Serbia will attack Kosovo in the near future, but stressed that it would be irresponsible to rule out the possibility of rising tensions and new conflicts.

Kurti accused Russia, which is an ally of Serbia and vetoed Kosovo’s bid for UN membership, of participating in fueling new ethnic tensions in Kosovo.

“Despotic President Putin is a man of war, and he would be interested in spreading the war because he wants to normalize the war,” the Kosovo premier said.

REFERENCE. Kosovo seceded from Serbia and declared its independence in 2008. Serbia still does not recognize the independence of the republic. Kosovo has been recognized by 116 countries, including the United States and most EU countries. Among those who refused to recognize the independence of the republic are Ukraine and some EU members: Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Slovakia. Kosovo supports Western sanctions against Russia. Serbia has friendly relations with Moscow. The military of the two countries regularly conduct joint exercises. In 2019, the Serbian defense minister said that the country could give up EU membership for the sake of Russia.

  • On July 31, in the north of Kosovo, at the border crossing of Jarinje, trucks blocked the main road that connects it with Serbia. The overlaps began the day before the partially recognized Kosovo was supposed to stop recognizing Serbian documents and introduce temporary ones. This is a response to the actions of Serbia, which also does not recognize the documents issued by Kosovo.
  • On August 1, the Kosovo government agreed to delay the replacement of Serbian documents and license plates for a month.
  • On August 6, a patrol boat of the Kosovo Border Police Unit came under fire on Lake Ujman on the border with Serbia.

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