Putin is doomed in recent months to intensify the intimidation of the West,


He expressed this opinion on Espresso.

“It seems to me that Putin has already entered the zone where he has no freedom of choice. He chose a trajectory that led him to a dead end. And Putin is now simply doomed to hope for escalation. It is not at all excluded that he will use closed channels to probe the soil and will think how to retreat from him. He is not a fool, he understands that the scenario did not go as it should. Therefore, in real practice, he will first of all intimidate the West, inflicting increasingly bloody blows on Ukraine. He needs to show victory, but at night he will think with horror that that there is no victory,” the political scientist noted.

According to him, Putin instructs a part of his players to look for options to get out of this crisis situation, but to get out with a winning face, because it is very important. Until he feels the opportunity to go out with that winning expression on his face, he will paint that expression on TV.

“In my opinion, Putin is doomed in the coming weeks or months to strengthen the military component with the last of his strength. But at the same time, in nightmares, he is drenched in a cold sweat and ponders how to get out of this situation, if Ukraine does not get scared and if the West does not get scared. Hope what they are afraid of is getting weaker and more ghostly, because there is nothing to hope for anymore. Therefore, Putin will choose escalation,” concluded Dmitriy Oreshkin.

  • Former Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson expressed support for Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian Federation and emphasized that our struggle will determine the direction of world development for decades to come
  • CNN reports that Russia and North Korea are “actively moving forward” in negotiations over a potential deal to supply Russians with weapons for the war in Ukraine

Fuente: espreso.tv


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