Putin personally commands generals as Russian army officers complain about Moscow's decisions - CNN - Ukraine News, Politics

Putin personally commands generals as Russian army officers complain about Moscow’s decisions – CNN – Ukraine News, Politics

Russian army officers complain to their relatives about the decisions of the leadership in Moscow, and the dictator Vladimir Putin personally commands his generals. This is reported by the channel with reference to sources in American intelligence. CNN.

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Sources say the Russian military is divided over how best to counter Ukraine’s surprise offensive on the battlefield, with the occupier on the defensive in both the east and south.

Putin himself allegedly gives instructions directly to the generals on the ground, which is “a very unusual management tactic in a modern army” that speaks of an inefficient command structure that has hampered Russia since the beginning of the big war.

US intelligence data suggests that Russian officers are arguing among themselves, as well as complaining to friends and relatives in Russia about Moscow’s decisions. There are also serious disagreements between the junior military on strategy and the military leaders – they are trying to agree on how to focus their efforts on creating defensive lines.

The channel cites a propaganda message from the Russian Defense Ministry that Moscow is moving troops to the east, where Ukraine has made progress, but the Americans claim that the bulk of the Russian occupying army still remains in the south.

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