Putin raised the stakes, but we can't lose because the whole world is watching us,

Putin raised the stakes, but we can’t lose because the whole world is watching us,

“Now we not only want to win this war, but we want to with minimal additional losses for Ukraine. It is not enough to say when we will win. The goal should be to minimize the casualties of Ukrainians and their losses,” the American politician noted.

He noted that now Ukraine and the collective West have a common problem – there is no effective strategy for victory. “If we had a better plan, we wouldn’t be going through these constant statements from the Ukrainian government, when they say we need this weapon, that weapon and another one, and the White House says maybe yes, maybe no. Let’s decide, that we have according to the plan, and then we will find the resources necessary to achieve the goals,” John Bolton emphasized. In his opinion, President Zelensky should continue to put pressure on the White House and NATO in order to develop such a strategy and see the prospects of victory.

“If we win and teach this lesson, it will tell something to the Russians and Chinese in Asia and other countries of the world. After all, the victory of Ukraine is also the victory of the USA and NATO. We must explain to people all over the world that this is not just a European war, but at this stage it’s really a world war,” John Bolton emphasized.

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