Putin saved not Medvedchuk alone, but the loyalty of his agent network,

Putin saved not Medvedchuk alone, but the loyalty of his agent network,

He told about this on Espresso.

“The aspect here is counter-intelligence. Putin has certain people in Ukraine, and we see that they are now pulling out and arresting agents in fairly high positions. Of course, the activities of such influential people are sometimes more important to Putin than hundreds or thousands of soldiers lying on the battlefield. People from this agency of influence have key positions that confirm the arrests of the heads of the SBU department, accordingly, one such person can harm us more than an army of a hundred thousand,” said the military counterintelligence expert.

Mykhailo Prytula explained that what happened with the exchange now is that Putin saved the life of his man of influence, that is, an agent, so that his other agency would continue to believe that “Russian they don’t abandon their own.”

“In this way, he saved not only Medvedchuk, but in fact Putin saved his agent network, keeping their loyalty to him, and so that they would be sure to work for him, and then he would exchange them. This is the logic of Putin’s actions as a spy, he acted differently simply could not. Accordingly, Medvedchuk’s value was assessed not by 200 captured soldiers of ours, but by the loyalty of the network that Medvedchuk managed to create,” Prytula noted.

  • On September 21, as a result of the exchange of prisoners from Russian captivity, 215 defenders of Ukraine were returned. 10 foreigners were also released from captivity. They were exchanged for 55 Russian soldiers and Putin’s godfather, Viktor Medvedchuk
  • On September 22, at a briefing on the exchange of prisoners, representatives of the special services and the President’s Office said that the financing of many intelligence networks, the financing of certain officials and the filling of the secret budget of the FSB went directly through Medvedchuk

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