Putin will be tried in Ukraine, in the Ukrainian language, simply and quickly

Putin will be tried in Ukraine, in the Ukrainian language, simply and quickly

This opinion was expressed by the former chief prosecutor in the case of Slobodan Milosevic, Jeffrey Nice, during the discussion “Russian war crimes” in Brussels on September 5. transmits “Ukrinform”.

Nice believes that it is correct that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office relies on cooperation with international colleagues and their expertise. At the same time, he noted that “in the process of prosecution, everything is possible in the national legislation of Ukraine, even under the condition of creating a new tribunal.”

According to Nice, the court should be organized in Ukraine, so that it is conducted by Ukrainians, in the Ukrainian language, of course, with the involvement of foreign experts. The prosecutor considers it a very good idea to organize a special tribunal against aggressors.

Given his experience, he advises the “simplicity” of organizing the process. The trial of Milosevic was started more than 20 years ago, then it became a kind of experiment, it may not have been perfect and it was also too expensive. Nice hopes that the trial, which will be held in Ukraine, will be organized according to a different system and will become much more effective. Trials that last for years are ineffective for many reasons, the prosecutor believes.

“The crimes of Putin and his close entourage in the leadership can be proven in a very short period of time,” – is convinced Nice, who advises not to believe those lawyers who will insist that everything is very complicated.

The film about the horrors of war, which was shown by a panelist, proved, according to Nice, an important point: there is no need to delay in fixing a fair picture of the crimes committed by Putin and others, everything can be done quickly.

The expert also emphasized the need to bring to justice the top management of the Russian Federation, and not just simple executors.

“It is absolutely necessary to hold the trial of the leaders very quickly and with a final and indisputable result,” Nice emphasized. He warned against concluding a “terrible compromise” after the end of this war, because voices are already being heard that it is not necessary or impossible to put Putin on trial. A court with an unequivocal verdict, Nice said, is in the interests of all of us.

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