Putin's latest decisions trigger the disintegration of Russia,

Putin’s latest decisions trigger the disintegration of Russia,

American political scientist Andriy Piontkovskyi said this on the air of the “West Studio with Antin Borkovskyi” program on the “Espresso” TV channel.

“Kadyrov’s activities are one disintegration of Russia, territorial and national. It will not be limited to the withdrawal of Chechnya. Extreme discontent is brewing in Dagestan. There is an incredible mortality rate among the Dagestan military. Everyone knows that until now Putin, being wary of the discontent of Russian society, preferred to send Buryats, Dagestanis and so on. This is one aspect of Russia’s disintegration,” he said.

According to the political scientist, there is still a line of internal disintegration.

“Everyone has seen this film of Prigozhin recruiting prisoners in camps and prisons. This is already the internal disintegration of the state. Actually, the function of any state is a structure that has a monopoly on violence. When this monopoly is transferred to other persons, especially criminal ones, it is a very big step towards destruction,” added Piontkovsky.

According to him, professional criminals have become an important political entity in the Russian government.

“You can imagine what will happen after the defeat, when all this defeated army will return to the capital. Who will be the most active – the Wagnerites and criminal criminals. They will come corrupted by looting and violence in Ukrainian villages and cities, where they stuffed their armored personnel carriers with dustbins and telephones. They will come to Rublyovka for more loot,” the political scientist noted.

Piontkowski believes that Putin is setting in motion gigantic mechanisms of final disintegration.

“Half of his address was addressed to the accusation of the West that “we will even be forced to use nuclear weapons”, because the West wants to destroy Russia, the West is planning the disintegration of Russia. The West needs one thing from Russia – to leave the territory of Ukraine and it will do it. But the disintegration of Russia – and internal, and ethnic, and territorial, it is triggered by every decision of Putin, especially these latest decisions,” he concluded.

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