Qatar and Israel are considering renewing the ceasefire in Gaza


It is reported Wall Street Journal

The Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, is to meet in Oslo with David Barnea, the director of the Israeli intelligence “Mossad”.

The meeting in Oslo will be the first meeting between high-ranking Israeli and Qatari officials since the last two-week truce brokered by Qatar and Egypt.

On Friday, Dec. 15, the president’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said he had spoken with Barnea the day before “about how to move forward to ensure the release of all the hostages,” adding that he was neither optimistic nor pessimistic forecasts for further layoffs in the near future.

The prospects for restoring the truce also depend on Hamas’s willingness to consider the exchange of American-Israeli citizens, male Israelis and other categories of hostages, which Hamas considers the most valuable trump cards for achieving a large-scale release of Palestinian prisoners and a lasting cease-fire.

Qatar and Egypt have offered new ideas to Hamas to secure the release of more hostages, in addition to the women and children held captive. According to Egyptian officials, among those ideas is the release of elderly and civilian men in exchange for some high-ranking Palestinian prisoners.

Among other ideas is a deal that could include the return of three senior Israeli officers kidnapped on October 7 in exchange for 10 veteran Palestinian prisoners.

Hamas’s military wing, however, did not respond to hints made in recent days to try to resume concrete talks on the release of the hostages.

  • According to Israeli data, as of December 15, 132 hostages remain in Gaza. The prime minister’s office believes that those who were declared dead still remain hostages.



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