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According to her, in 2014 she had a wind in her head.

Ramina Eshakzai was thinking of staying in the Russian Federation /

Blogger Ramina Eshakzai, after participating in the show “Bachelor” in 2014, decided to go to Moscow for acting courses. There she also created her YouTube channel “Hodyat khuty”.

In an interview with Dmitry Gordon, she said that at that moment she even thought of staying in Russia, because Russian stars started coming to her for interviews, she was working for the market of the aggressor country.

“In Moscow, I rented an apartment with a friend. There were thoughts of staying in Moscow, especially when Russians started coming to me for interviews, and I was in this market and that… They just wanted to use the Ukrainian audience to promote their narratives,” said the blogger.

Now Ramina admits that she had wind in her head. She says that her mistaken opinion about the Russian Federation is a tragedy. The girl added that after the start of the full-scale war, she was told that she was to blame for the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. It was a difficult period for her psyche.

“When they write that the war started because of you, it is a tragedy for my psyche. The fact that I was wrong is a tragedy. I thought that I did not want to live. I thought that it would be cool not to wake up. My psyche was as tense as possible.” – said the blogger.

It is worth noting that since February 24, 2022, Ramina Eshakzai often went to “hot” spots. She not only shoots stories about the military, but also actively helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The blogger regularly fasts the meeting and will donate it herself.

We will remind you that earlier Ramina Eshakzai impressed with footage from Avdiyivka.

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