Rashists run out of shells, buy from Kim Jong-un  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Rashists run out of shells, buy from Kim Jong-un News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

US intelligence has found out that Moscow is buying weapons from North Korea, the New York Times (NYT) writes.

According to declassified intelligence obtained by the New York Times, Russia has purchased millions of artillery shells and missiles from Pyongyang.

According to US government officials, this shows that sanctions against Russia have affected the Kremlin’s ability to support the war in Ukraine.

Earlier there were reports that the Russian military began using Iranian-made drones.

Iran and North Korea, subject to heavy Western sanctions, have sought to deepen ties with Russia since Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine in February.

North Korea was one of 5 countries that voted against a UN resolution in March demanding an end to the invasion of Ukraine.

Pyongyang blamed everything on the “hegemonic policy” of the United States and its allies. Also, North Korea officially recognized the “independence” of the self-proclaimed “DPR” and “LPR”.

As Pyongyang’s state media reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the two countries would expand their “comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations.”

The exact size and scope of the supply of new weapons is still unknown. But a US official told the Associated Press that the appeal to North Korea for support shows that “the Russian military continues to suffer from serious logistical problems in Ukraine, in part due to export controls and sanctions.”

According to the Finnish research center “Energy and Clean Air Research Center”, economic sanctions have had little effect on Russia’s income from energy exports.

According to his estimates, Russia earned 158 billion euros from rising fossil fuel prices during the six-month incursion, with EU imports accounting for most of that.

However, the US and the EU believe that Moscow’s ability to replenish its armed forces is limited.

Last week, the Biden administration told the American media that Iran had handed over to Russia the first batch of attack drones, which the Russian army will use in the war with Ukraine.

US intelligence believes that Russian operators traveled to Iran to learn how to operate the Mohajer-6 and Shahed drones.

However, they recently told reporters that many Iranian-made drones have suffered “numerous failures.”

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