Relatives of Azovstal defenders to urge world to help release Ukrainian servicemen

Relatives of Azovstal defenders to urge world to help release Ukrainian servicemen

Relatives of the defenders of Mariupol and Azovstal, who are in Russian captivity, will hold actions in the cities of Ukraine and the world on Friday evening calling on international organizations to help release Ukrainian servicemen.

“After the events of July 29 in Olenivka, after Russia has recognized Azov as a terrorist organization and wants to bring to justice our servicemen who defended the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, we go to the action and hold it not only in Lviv. Such actions are held in the cities of Ukraine and the world in order to raise the world community, world leaders in support of Ukraine as much as possible,” Iryna Novosiadlo, mother of a serviceman of the Azov regiment, said at a briefing in Lviv on Friday.

According to her, the world should join forces and help Ukraine in its fight against Russia, the release and return of prisoners of war home.

“Russia does not comply with any international norms, but at the same time, it sits at the same table with the civilized world, so we appeal and will continue to appeal until each of our servicemen returns home. We will scream, we will turn to the world for help. I am sure that world leaders, international organizations, not only the UN and the Red Cross [International Committee of the Red Cross], have some leverage to influence Russia so that it adheres to the norms of international humanitarian law,” Novosiadlo said.

She also said the families of prisoners of war still do not know anything about their health, about the conditions of detention, where exactly they are.

“We do not know what is happening with our relatives, I corresponded with my son for the last time before leaving [from Azovstal]. It was May 18. I did not have any more connections,” Novosiadlo said.

She said communication with relatives in captivity is possible only through representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and since Russia does not let them into the places where Ukrainian defenders are kept, there is no information.


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