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The TCC checks those liable for military service, and the SBU checks persons who may be “potentially involved in illegal activities”

Oksana Zhitniuk

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Yuri Smirnov

Yuri Smirnov

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Yesterday, at 23:05

"Subpoenas in the restaurant".  The SBU is conducting counter-sabotage measures in Kyiv, the TCC is checking Photo: SBU

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Migration Service, are carrying out counter-sabotage security measures in Kyiv. About it LIGA.net reported the press service of the SBU after a video appeared online with intelligence officers in the capital’s restaurant “Veranda on the Dnieper”.

The intelligence service emphasized that as part of the inspection of public institutions, which is taking place for the third day in a row, persons “potentially involved in illegal activities” are being checked.

“At the same time, representatives of the TCC are conducting an inspection of citizens of Ukraine liable for military service who may violate the rules of military registration,” the message says.

Today, videos appeared on social networks in which, as the authors claimed, they were “handing out summonses” in a restaurant in the capital.

  • Previously, the TCC already explained that serving summonses in public places does not contradict Ukrainian legislation, and such methods are related to the fact that those liable for military service can be registered in one place and live in another.
  • Last week, videos were distributed in Ukraine showing military registration and enlistment office employees in different regions coming to gyms to issue summonses. The Transcarpathian TCC said: everything is within the law.

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Source: liga.net


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