Reznikov about the Kremlin's stuffing about the "dirty bomb": The thief's hat is on fire

Reznikov about the Kremlin’s stuffing about the “dirty bomb”: The thief’s hat is on fire

The lie about the “dirty bomb” that Ukraine is allegedly going to use is a manifestation of the Kremlin’s habit of blaming the victim of aggression in advance for his own crime. it stated on Facebook Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov.

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Reznikov believes that by throwing in about the “dirty bomb” of the Russian Federation at a high international level, she illustrated the proverb “the hat burns on a thief.”

He recalled that Russia has long been openly threatening to use nuclear weapons, deliberately provoked the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, is now blackmailing the world with the catastrophe at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and threatens other nuclear facilities in Ukraine with rocket attacks.

The best response to Russian encroachments should be increased pressure on the terrorist regime in Moscow and active assistance to Ukraine, Reznikov believes.

He stressed that “it is impossible even theoretically to imagine that Ukraine is capable of doing something that could cause long-term pollution of our land,” and thanked the partners “who adequately perceive this dangerous Russian chatter.”

Earlier today, the UK Ministry of Defense released a statement about the call. Ben Wallace and Sergei Shoigu, which emphasized that Russia’s warnings about Ukraine’s alleged readiness to use a “dirty bomb” are groundless. Shoigu also called French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecorne and Turkey Hulusi Akar with the same story, as well as the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin.

REFERENCE. A “dirty bomb” is a conventional (non-nuclear) explosive device that, when detonated, releases radioactive material added to the explosive. The explosion of such a device causes local radioactive contamination.

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