Reznikov is confident that the Allies will provide Ukraine with tanks and fighter jets

Reznikov is confident that the Allies will provide Ukraine with tanks and fighter jets

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov is confident that Kyiv will eventually receive Western tanks and fighter jets. But the US must be the first to do it, so that its allies will follow.

Reznikov said this in an interview with the publication Politico.

“I am very optimistic that Abrams tanks are possible in the future, and I am sure that fighters such as the F-16, F-15 or Gripen from Sweden will also be possible”Reznikov said.

Reznikov remains optimistic, despite all the political and logistical difficulties associated with the supply of modern NATO-level weapons to Ukraine.

The minister noted that many supplies that were previously considered unavailable – drones, missiles, artillery – eventually arrived in Ukraine.

Reznikov is sure that Ukraine’s partners – Great Britain, France and Germany – will wait for a political decision from the USA: “I’m sure after the first Abrams arrives, we’ll have Leopards, Marders (German infantry fighting vehicles) and other types of heavy armor like tanks”.

Ukraine’s use of Western weapons not only helps push Russian troops out of the occupied territory, but also allows countries to test their equipment against the Russian army.

“We have a combat training ground in Ukraine during this war. I think all countries see how we use these systems, you know we have eight different 155 mm artillery systems in the field… so it’s like a competition between systems to see which one is going to be the most effective.” , Reznikov said.

In the coming months, the number one priority for Ukraine will be air defense systems.

“We need to separate targets in the air – for example, to defeat cruise or ballistic missiles, our defense systems will use IRIS-T missiles from Germany or our Soviet Buk-type systems. Against Iranian drones, we can use cheaper equipment, such as Gepard from Germany or Stingers and Starstreak, or other equipment from our partners.”Reznikov said.

It will be recalled that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, called on the partners not to delay in making a decision regarding air defense systems for Ukraine.

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Source: Reznikov is confident that the Allies will provide Ukraine with tanks and fighter jets

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