Reznikov showed Canadian Senator Rochel armored vehicles on video


The Minister of Defense thanked Canada for the help that allows saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine received Senator Rochel armored vehicles from Canada / photo

Canada handed over Senator Rochel armored vehicles to Ukraine. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov published a video in which he showed this equipment and thanked Canadian partners for their support.

According to him, these armored vehicles help protect the Ukrainian military during combat missions.

“They will save thousands of lives of our soldiers. Because, in the end, it is the people who can win this war. I am glad that we and our Canadian partners share the same views on the battlefield,” Reznikov said on Twitter.

He thanked the former Minister of National Defense of Canada, Anita Anand, the newly appointed Minister of National Defense of Canada, Bill Blair, as well as all the people of the Maple Leaf Country for their help.

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Senator Rochel – what is known

As UNIAN reported, in January of this year, Canada promised to hand over 200 Senator Rochel armored vehicles to Ukraine as part of military assistance to repel Russian aggression. In 2022, Ukraine has already received about a hundred such machines.

The country’s defense minister at the time, Anita Anand, noted that these vehicles provide safe transportation of personnel and equipment, as well as medical evacuation. They also allow soldiers to detect threats early, and their armor will help protect troops.

Senator Rochel – armored military vehicles, created in 2019 on the basis of heavy Ford F-550 pickups, the engine has a power of 400 horsepower. They are designed to protect against fire from small arms, as well as mines and grenades. The landing compartment can accommodate up to 6-7 soldiers.

This vehicle can be used to perform simple tasks as an armored personnel carrier or an infantry mobile vehicle. The armored car can be equipped with various combat modules, including a 7.62 mm machine gun, a 12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

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