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Terminal “New Post” in the village of Korotych near Kharkiv, cargo department. It was here that the rocket hit in the evening of October 21: a direct hit. As a result, the terminal building was significantly destroyed, 7 trucks and 2 semi-trailers were damaged. A fire broke out. 9 units of equipment and about half a hundred rescuers worked on the spot. Six employees of Nova Poshta died, 16 were taken to the hospital.

Dmytro Chubenko, Speaker of the Kharkiv Oblast Prosecutor’s Office

All employees of the enterprise are civilians. As far as I know, the enterprise worked around the clock, that is, it distributed cargo according to addressees. And in the morning, the trucks picked up these shipments to take them to the branches. And at the very moment of this work, a rocket was fired at the building, as a result of which these persons died and were injured.

The Russians targeted the cargo terminal, where parcels are packed and oversized shipments are loaded, employees say.

Oleksii Kornienko, specialist of the “New Post” section

When I was in this building, I saw an alarm, a hum from the right side, I saw parcels flying up and immediately ran upstairs. Darkness, dust, debris… My friends and I quickly evacuated. A fire broke out, everything immediately started to heat up. When he went around the building, he saw people being evacuated.

Missile attack on

In the morning, rescuers and law enforcement officers continued to work at the site.

Oleksandr Kobylev, acting start of the Department of State Administration of the Kharkiv Region.

At the moment, an inspection of the scene has already been conducted, debris from the missile has been removed, initially it is the S-300. The damage is significant, the roof is broken, the walls are damaged. Throughout the night, investigators and operatives worked on the spot. It was difficult to fully establish all the traces of this crime at night, so an additional inspection of the scene is currently being carried out in order to establish a complete trace picture.

According to the prosecutor’s office, it is being determined how many rockets the Russian military launched on the outskirts of Kharkiv the night before. Ruslan, a worker at the cargo area hit by the Russian missile, says there could have been many more victims. It hit precisely at the place where all the employees were supposed to work at that moment. But miraculously, the work with the parcels was completed earlier and most of the people dispersed around the terminal.

Missile attack on

Ruslan Atamanenko, employee of Nova Poshta

Yesterday at 10 o’clock we raked this territory. We usually deliver all the parcels there and all the people work there, scattering the parcels throughout the cities. We usually hang out there until 12, all the people. And then at 10 we cleared up and everyone went off to continue doing their own thing. And at 10:15 there was an explosion. Exactly to the place where we worked. I heard a bang, the light went out, I found the phone by touch. Everyone was shouting near me, everyone was leaving, I also ran with the wounded. And only then I felt my leg, my pant leg was already wet, blood was flowing. Splinter.

All 16 injured are men aged 19 to 48. The injuries of the victims are different.

Ruslan Vragov, medical director of the hospital

Of them, 7 people are in serious condition, two of them are extremely serious, they are still on ventilators. All seven wounded were operated on yesterday, they had penetrating wounds of the chest and abdominal cavity. External fixation devices were also installed because there were many limb fractures.

8 victims with light and moderate injuries are currently in the surgical department and one in the trauma department. Patients with severe injuries, respectively, are in the intensive care unit. Doctors do not give predictions about the dynamics of their condition.

Missile attack on

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