Romania will help Ukraine and Moldova under the NATO program - details

Romania will help Ukraine and Moldova under the NATO program – details


Romania sent the authorities of 4 countries, in particular, Moldova and Ukraine, letters with information about the allocation to them of a total of $1.4 million within the framework of the NATO initiative.

About this reports Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Bohdan Aurescu.

As noted, 1.4 million dollars are unused funds from the aid package, which was previously allocated by Romania for the national army of Afghanistan.

According to Aurescu, $400,000 was allocated as aid to Ukraine, and $600,000 to Moldova to strengthen defense capabilities.

Missile strikes on Ukraine: what air defense systems did the allies promise to provideThe USA, Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands and Spain promised to provide Ukraine with air defense systems. For more details, see the infographic.
October 14, 2022, 1:44 p.m

It is reported that the funds will be used to achieve the goals of strengthening security and stability near NATO’s Eastern flank, especially in the Black Sea region.

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, was also informed by Aurescu about the decision taken by the Romanian government.

We will remind you that the Minister of Defense of Romania, Vasile Dincu, believes that negotiations with the aggressor country are the only possibility to achieve peace in the Russian-Ukrainian full-scale war.

Subsequently, Davyd Arahamia responded to the statement of the Romanian Defense Minister regarding the West’s peace negotiations with the Russian Federation.

Also recently, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Andrey Marga said that Ukraine should cede its territories to Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary.

In addition, US President Joe Biden announced on Saturday, October 15, the provision of a new package of military aid to Ukraine. 725 million dollars will be sent to support the Armed Forces.

Earlier it became known that as part of the new package of military aid, the USA will supply ammunition and Humvee armored vehicles to Ukraine.

Fuente: Romania will help Ukraine and Moldova under the NATO program – details

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