Russia announced a missile attack (photo, video)


The Kerch bridge was closed.

photo from social networks

Loud explosions are heard in occupied Sevastopol this night, local residents report that the city has anti-aircraft defense.

The occupation authorities of the peninsula have not yet commented on what is happening. At least 7 explosions and flashes in the sky are reported online.

In addition, the Russian invaders blocked traffic on the Crimean Bridge. “Those who are on the bridge and in the observation area are asked to remain calm and follow the instructions of the traffic safety officers,” the message reads.

It is reported that there was a possible “arrival” in the area of ​​the South Bay. Setip publishes many videos of air defense operations, fires and explosions.

Information is being updated…

Updated at 04:00: Another explosion is reported in Sevastopol. After that, the connection partially disappeared in the Nakhimiv district of the city.

Updated at 03:45: Gauleiter of occupied Sevastopol Mykhailo Razvozhaev announced the rocket attack. According to him, Russian anti-aircraft defense “worked out”. At the same time, there is a fire at a non-civilian facility in the Kilen-balka area. The fire is classified as 4th class.

Local channels report that the Sevastopol Marine Plant is on fire.

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