Russia attacks the Odessa region with “martyrdom”: explosions sound, air defense works | News of Ukraine


Late in the evening of September 30, explosions are heard in Odessa. The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned that several groups of Russian “martyrs” were coming from the Black Sea in the direction of the Nikolaev and Odessa regions.

About the movement of drones in the Air Force reported at 23:18. Around this time, Odessa public pages began reporting loud explosions.

Monitoring channel close to the APU Nikolaevsky Vanyok reported on the work of the Ukrainian air defense forces: “Odessa – friendly organisms are working, they are working successfully.”

At 23:31 Defense forces of southern Ukraine confirmedthat the UAV attack continues in the Odessa region – locals can hear the sounds of combat work in response.

At 23:54 Suspenseful reported repeated explosions in Odessa.

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