Russia can mobilize 300 or 500 thousand, but it cannot win the war - Kuleb

Russia can mobilize 300 or 500 thousand, but it cannot win the war – Kuleb

Russia will never win the war, even if it mobilizes 500 thousand people, because all Ukrainians are highly motivated to defend their country, which is not observed among Russians.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, at the meeting of the UN Security Council at the ministerial level to combat impunity in connection with the Russian war in Ukraine, reports Ukrinform.

«Putin announced mobilization, but what he actually announced to the whole world was his own defeat. You can recruit 300-500 thousand people, but you will never win this war. Today, every Ukrainian is a weapon that is ready to defend Ukraine and the principles formulated in the UN CharterKuleba said.

Arestovych called on Russians to rebel and eliminate Putin: “Either the old man in the Kremlin, or your lives”Oleksiy Arestovich called on Russians to rebel against the mobilization and eliminate Vladimir Putin. In addition, he stated that the citizens of the Russian Federation must go out to protests.
September 22, 2022, 01:37

The minister explained why Russia will never defeat Ukraine: “On February 4, when Russia attacked Ukraine from all directions, in the first 24 hours tens of thousands of Ukrainians returned from abroad to defend their country. What happened in the first 24 hours after President Putin announced the mobilization was the opposite: tens of thousands of Russians booked flights abroad to flee Russia, many of which were sold out within hours.”.

Kuleba emphasized that Russia would collapse and bear full responsibility for the crime of aggression and the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide that followed.

We will remind that a partial mobilization has been announced in Russia since September 21. They want to call up 300,000 reservists to go to war in Ukraine.

In practically all cities of Russia, after the announcement of mobilization by dictator Vladimir Putin, summonses began to be distributed at train stations, bus stops and other public places. People went to protest actions all over the country.

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Fuente: Russia can mobilize 300 or 500 thousand, but it cannot win the war – Kuleb

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