Russia has already lost the war morally and politically – Borrell

Russia has already lost the war morally and politically – Borrell

Head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell has said that Russia has morally and politically already lost the war it unleashed in Ukraine, the website of the diplomatic service of the European Union has reported.

“Morally and politically, Russia has already lost the war. And increasingly, it is losing on the battlefield as well. Ukraine will prevail,” Borrell said in his speech at the UN Security Council, stressing that Russia “must halt its invasion [into Ukraine] immediately.”

He also noted that the West will never recognize Russia’s illegal annexation of the sovereign territories of Ukraine, where the Russian Federation is preparing to hold a referendum.

At the same time, Borrell stressed that now “world security is in danger” and he called on the world leaders gathered at the UN to send a clear and unified signal about the inadmissibility of the use of weapons of mass destruction [nuclear conflict].

“I am encouraged by the many statements I heard here today about this issue,” the head of the European diplomacy stressed.

Borrell believes that it will not be possible to intimidate Ukraine and the countries supporting it.

“But how many more men, women and children need to die before the Russian President decides to silence his guns?” he asked.

The head of European diplomacy said that the war unleashed by Russia on the territory of Ukraine is more than a war in Europe, and the protection of weaker states from stronger ones is at stake. He also stressed that this war is a tragedy in many senses and therefore the European Union will do everything possible to counter the consequences, in particular, the victims and destruction inflicted in Ukraine, as well as the world’s involvement in the economic downturn and the global food crisis.

According to Borrell, European support for global food security amounts to more than EUR 7.7 billion until 2024.

“We support the Black Sea Grain Initiative facilitated by the UN Secretary-General [António Guterres] and Turkey. Together with our European Union Solidarity Lanes, this has helped to lower global food prices – but unhappily not to cancel it. Two-thirds of the Ukraine grain exported this way goes to those countries that need it most – not to Europeans,” he stressed.

The head of diplomacy also noted that the Russian occupiers should be held accountable for their crimes, mass killings, destruction, rape and forced migration of Ukrainian citizens and promised that the European Union would do everything possible to ensure justice.

“We have seen the recent images from the massacres in Izium [which] follow the pattern we saw in Bucha and elsewhere. As Russian troops are expelled, we discover the true horrors of their occupation … We rely on the International Criminal Court and on the Ukrainian authorities,” Borrell said.


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