Russia has completely stopped the work of "Nord Stream"

Russia has completely stopped the work of “Nord Stream”

Russian gas pipeline “North Stream” was completely stopped allegedly due to an oil leak and the need for repairs.

This is reported by the press service Gazprom.

«During routine work on the gas pumping unit Trent 60 (DPA No. 24) of KS “Portova”, carried out together with representatives of the Siemens company, an oil leak with an admixture of a sealing composition was detected on the connectors of the terminal connections of the cable lines of the low and intermediate rotor speed sensors pressure“, the message said.

Gazprom announced the shutdown of the only remaining Nord Stream turbineGazprom announced the shutdown of the only remaining Nord Stream turbine for repairs for three days starting on August 31. The supply of gas through the Nord Stream will be stopped for the time being.
August 19, 2022, 8:11 p.m

Gazprom notes that oil was detected on the cable connector of the BPE2 connection plate, which is part of the engine. Oil was also found in the area of ​​the cable line in the external terminal box of the HPA automatic control system outside the noise-heat-insulating casing.

The act of detecting the oil leak was also signed by representatives of the Siemens company.

“We received a warning from Rostechnadzor of Russia that the detected malfunctions and damage do not allow for safe, trouble-free operation of the gas turbine engine. In connection with this, appropriate measures should be taken and further operation of the Trent 60 gas pumping unit should be suspended due to the detected gross violations”Gazprom reported.

It is also emphasized that similar oil leaks were previously detected at DPA with engines #075, #076, #120, which underwent factory overhaul and are now in a state of forced downtime.

Note that, according to the research, Russia burns $10 million worth of gas every day, while limiting supplies to Europe.

It also became known that Russian Gazprom has completely stopped supplying gas to France.

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