Russia has increased the export of wheat from the occupied Crimea to Syria 17 times,

Russia has increased the export of wheat from the occupied Crimea to Syria 17 times,

It is reported Reutes with reference to the data of the trade and information platform Refinitiv.

It is noted that the sanctions significantly complicate the transportation of goods between Syria and Russia by ordinary sea transport. Marine insurance is also becoming more complicated. Because of this, both countries began to rely more and more on their own ships to transport grain. This is how three Syrian ships, on which the USA has imposed sanctions, are used for this purpose.

According to information from the Refinitiv platform, by the end of November 2022, Syria imported about 501.8 thousand tons of food from the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. In 2021, the country received more than 28,000 tons of wheat. Also, according to data from port inspections, cargoes began to increase from May onwards. The largest batch was recorded in October and amounted to 78.6 thousand tons.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Beirut, which monitors the goods arriving in Syria, is convinced that 500,000 tons of agricultural products were illegally exported by Russia from the territory of Ukraine. The embassy noted that this information and the statement of the Ukrainian authorities about grain theft were based on data provided by the owners of fields and silos in the temporarily occupied territories. They are also confirmed by satellite information on the movement of trucks to ports and ship tracking data.

Russia, while agreeing that part of the grain was exported from the occupied part of the Zaporizhia region, rejects the accusation of food theft. Thus, in May 2022, Kremlin spokesman Dmytro Peskov called these accusations “fake”.

  • On December 14, it became known that 81 vessels with Ukrainian food are awaiting inspection, as Russia continues to block their movement through the Bosphorus.
  • On December 15, it was reported that the “grain agreement” is unlikely to be expanded in the near future due to the addition of new shipping ports or a reduction in the inspection of cargo ships.

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