Russia is fighting, as in the Middle Ages, killing civilians - the United States in the OSCE

Russia is fighting, as in the Middle Ages, killing civilians – the United States in the OSCE

He writes about it Ukrinform.

“15 weeks of atrocities. 15 weeks of atrocities. 15 weeks of violence, with so many reports of executions, forced deportations, rapes, filtering camps and destruction that it becomes difficult to fully understand the scale of the massacre by the Russian Federation. And after 15 long weeks there is still no edge to the horrors that Russia is deliberately committing against the civilian population of Ukraine, “said Michael Carpenter.

According to the American envoy, Russia is at war, as if in the Middle Ages, although it has many modern weapons.

Russia has many modern weapons of war: cruise missiles that fly hundreds of miles, hitting the target with astonishing accuracy. It has precision-guided munitions that can be launched from the air, sea and land. But why is this war being fought as if we were living in the Middle Ages? Why do so many civilians suffer the horrors of war? ” said the diplomat.

He added that such atrocities could be explained only by the fact that Russia sought to force civilians to flee their homes to get rid of the natives in the occupied territories. Michael Carpenter called another medieval tactic of stealing resources from occupied settlements and forcing people to flee.

“Sadistic atrocities and a very purposeful process of ‘filtering’ may well have a purpose. Especially if the goal is to deny the very concept of Ukrainian statehood in areas now controlled by Russia to make it easier to absorb these parts of Ukraine,” he said.

  • From February 24 to June 1 in Ukraine due to the aggression of the Russian Federation the UN confirmed the death of 4169 civilians, but the real numbers are much higher

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