Russia keeps US inspectors out of its nuclear facilities - Ukraine News, Politics

Russia keeps US inspectors out of its nuclear facilities – Ukraine News, Politics

Russia has said it is suspending an agreement with the United States on cross-inspection of nuclear facilities under the 2010 Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty (START).

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Russian Foreign Ministry declaredwhich “temporarily removes its facilities subject to inspections under this Treaty from inspection activities under the START Treaty” due to the fact that US sanctions imposed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine allegedly made Russian inspections in the United States impossible, and because Russia suspends the inspections of the American side.

According to the message The Guardian, The US State Department did not immediately respond to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement. His spokesman stated, however, that “the United States … maintains the confidentiality of negotiations between the parties relating to the implementation of the treaty.”

At the same time, according to sources of the publication, Russia continues, in accordance with the START treaty, to notify the United States of any movements or changes in the status of its nuclear arsenal.

Military experts note that inspections and notifications are not the only tools for mutual control over the implementation of the START treaty, and therefore the Kremlin’s suspension of inspections does not jeopardize the treaty, although it is, in their opinion, “an unsuccessful step.”

  • On February 3, 2021, Russia and the United States extended the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) for five years.

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