"Russia killed 300,000 Chechens in 30 years": the son of ex-president Ichkeria Maskhadov responded to Kadyrov's words about "jihad in Ukraine"

“Russia killed 300,000 Chechens in 30 years”: the son of ex-president Ichkeria Maskhadov responded to Kadyrov’s words about “jihad in Ukraine”

He wrote about this in his facebook.

Maskhadov calls Kadyrov a “puppet and personal servant of Putin” and notes that he calls Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a jihad, or a “holy war” to advance the interests of the Russian Federation. Maskhadov emphasized that Kadyrov’s words dishonor the concept of jihad. He declares that this is another war in which the Chechen people have been involved and reminds that Russia has killed more than 300,000 Chechens.

“It’s not jihad if you went to a foreign land and, even more so, to fight for the interests of the country that killed your people for centuries. In just 30 years, Russia killed more than 300,000 Chechens, in a war started by Yeltsin and then Putin.” , – writes Maskhadov.

He reminded Kadyrov that jihad is the defense of one’s people and homeland, not an attack on someone else’s territory. Maskhadov condemned Kadyrov’s frivolous use of faith and Allah and emphasized that the leader of Chechnya “lacks a brain, but has an imagination.”

“Territorial expansion is not Jihad! Killing Ukrainians on their land is not Jihad! It is rather a road to Hell if you sided with the murderer of your people – Putin and are going to give your life for this bloodsucker. Jihad is not a war with Ukraine “Jihad is when you seek the good of the people, when you seek peace for them, their security guarantees. It is a struggle for independence from a country like Russia. This is the idea of ​​Ichkeria, which has always stood up and fought for peace,” Maskhadov writes.

Jihad in Islam is a religious concept, the struggle for the protection and spread of Islam, diligence on the way to Allah.

  • On October 25, the assistant secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Oleksiy Pavlov, stated that the goal of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine should be “complete de-Satanization.” According to him, there are fanatics among Ukrainians who want to abandon “the values ​​of the Russian Orthodox Church, Judaism, and Islam.” The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that the invasion of Ukraine is a jihad against Ukrainian “Satanism”.
  • Oleksiy Danilov, the Secretary of the National Security Council, in response to the Russian Federation’s statements, called the Russian Security Council a devil’s dozen, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine – exorcists who can desatanize Russians.

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