Russia loses in the drone war - The Economist

Russia loses in the drone war – The Economist

He writes about it The Economist.

The publication claims that the Russian army has huge resources for electronic warfare (EW) with drones in the form of mobile units on trucks accompanying ground troops. However, Thomas Whittington, a military analyst specializing in EW, notes that such units should usually be in line of sight (small drones may be difficult for radars to see). Russia seems to be afraid to move electronic warfare units close enough to the front line to be effective. Because they can be destroyed or, worse, captured, and their “secrets” will fall to the West.

But Ukrainians still successfully use drones to reconnoiter and adjust artillery fire. And quadcopters generally destroy Russian tanks, dropping explosives on them. On the other hand, Russian drones fall from the sky too often.

Russia is constantly losing its drones, including the Orlan-10 reconnaissance model. Since the beginning of the war, they have been beaten 31 times. Most often, EW systems were used for this, not missiles. The problem is the use of commercial rather than military components in the development of Orlan-10, which makes it even more vulnerable.

In addition to EW systems, Ukrainian troops have a variety of portable silencers. These low-power units look like beam guns from a science fiction movie. Thomas Whittington says they have an effective range of several kilometers. It is known that the Armed Forces are now successfully using DroneGun manufactured by DroneShield, EDM4S Sky Wipers from NT Service (Lithuanian company) and domestic muffler KVSG-3.

Well, of course Bayraktar. They are often used for targeted strikes on the columns of equipment. And for EW they are almost unattainable, because the same Turkish Bayraktar TB2 is equipped with electronic filters that successfully neutralize electronic warfare systems.

The Economist and his experts draw a clear conclusion: Russia is losing the drone war.

  • At the end of last year, Ukraine launched its own production of Bayraktars.
  • In March 2022, Kyiv agreed with Turkey to increase supplies of Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles, which are used to destroy columns of Russian armored vehicles.
  • At the end of March, a new Bayraktar with a Ukrainian engine was presented in Turkey.

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