Russia stated that five naval drones attacked a ship in the Black Sea


The attack by unmanned boats was allegedly repelled by using standard ship weapons.

Naval drones attacked a Russian ship / rosZMI

The night of September 14 turned out to be alarming for Russian ships in the Black Sea. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the attack of several naval drones at once.

As informs the press service of the department, at once five naval drones allegedly attacked the ship “Serhiy Kotov”, which was on patrol.

“Around 05:00, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to attack the patrol ship of the Black Sea Fleet “Serhiy Kotov” in the waters of the Black Sea with five unmanned marine boats,” the occupiers reported.

According to their version, the attack was allegedly repelled – all naval drones were “destroyed by fire from the ship’s standard weapons.” Ukraine is currently not commenting on this.

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Explosions in Crimea on September 14

Early in the morning, explosions rang out in occupied Yevpatoria. Local residents report drone raids. Footage of a powerful explosion in the southwest of the city – Zaozerny, Uyutny district is also published. It is claimed that the main, brightest explosion was at 05.40 in the morning.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that around 05:30 the air defense forces of the occupiers destroyed “11 Ukrainian drones of the aircraft type” over the occupied Crimea.

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